HORSE FEEDERS and water trough. 505-330-3432.
HORSE MANURE, Free! We will load. 505-793-3209.
HORSES FOR Sale: Call for prices. 970-588-3828.
BAR-BAR-A HORSE drinker, frost free, asking $250. 970-570-5565 or 505-486-1527.
WANTED: HORSE pasture with constant water. 505-354-1763.
15-May-2018Aztec, NM(20 miles)Horses for sale
Ronnie is a five year old gelding. Once a wild mustang from the Cuba, NM area, he is learning a new life as a riding horse. Ronnie stands about 14.3 HH. He is a stout horse, with great strong bone. He is learning to trust people, and doing very well in his training. Because Ronnie was in Santa Fe, his 1st 30 days of training were completed with Zia. Zia concentrated on saddle work, and Ronnie i...
15-May-2018Aztec, NM(20 miles)Horses for sale
Queenie is that rare horse which is calm by nature, gentle, forgiving of human misstep, and willing to please. She was running with a band of wild horses when captured, although she has some obvious domestic breeding. We estimate her to be about 8 yrs old. Queenie is about fifteen HH and about 900lbs. She is currently in saddle training, and is a star student. Queenie handles new things with gr...
15-May-2018Aztec, NM(20 miles)Horses for sale
Bambi is a 3 yr old filly. She was part of a wild band rounded up by authorities when they ventured onto a highway. Bambi is adorable, but shy. She has been started in haltering and has had her feet done once. She is is about fourteen HH, well built and a pretty young lady.
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